AURAEKO BATERPAK Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A., acts according to the legislation from the 13th “on the packing and packaging waste management” (Journal of Laws from 2013 No. 0 item 888), as well as the 24th of April 2009 “on the batteries and accumulators” (Journal of Laws from 2009 No. 79 item 666 with further amendments).

Thanks to cooperation with businesses from the industry we aim to reduce a negative impact on people and environment:

– used packaging and packaging waste,
– batteries and accumulators waste
– waste oils, greases and lubricating preparations.

The mission of AURAEKO BATERPAK presented above is executed by means of services covering: collecting, processing and managing used packaging and packaging waste. Moreover, when the provisions of the Act “on batteries and accumulators” entered into force, our organization extended the scope of its services to include activities related to both collecting and processing of waste batteries and accumulators. Apart from that, we fulfill obligations imposed on entities marketing tyres, oils, greases and lubricating preparations.

Thanks to the experience gathered, reliability of the services provided as well as trust our clients have in us, AURAEKO BATERPAK Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. is a recognized organization in the area of recovering packaging, batteries and accumulators as well as tyres, oils, greases and lubricating preparations, and has a considerable image advantage over competitors.

We are able to provide our clients with comprehensive services thanks to our cooperation with external entities from all around Poland which collect and process (including recycle) waste.As part of our services, we:

  1. Take over statutory obligations with regard to the collection, processing and recycling of packaging waste, waste batteries and accumulators as well as tyres, waste oils, greases and lubricating preparations from entities marketing them.
  2. Organize points of selective collection of waste batteries and accumulators together with our external partners.
  3. Support professional improvement of the personnel of companies cooperating with us and provide free-of-charge consultations with regard to applicable legal acts.
  4. Organize public educational campaigns in the form of environmental education projects for the society.

Our organization was established on the 16th of October 2008. The share capital of the company amounts to 2.500.000PLN, paid in full.