Parish of Roman – Catholic Church of St Józef in Pruszków, together with AURAEKO, conducted educational action in frames of the cycle entitled: “GOD HAS CREATED A PURE WORLD. NOW IT ALSO SHOULD BE PURE 2015” (org. “BÓG STWORZYŁ CZYSTY ŚWIAT. TERAZ TEŻ POWINIEN BYĆ CZYSTY 2015”). In this year, it is already a second location of action of this project. The first location took place in Podkowa Leśna and, on the occasion of report from this educational action, we presented the aims of this project.

We had the excellent weather, what can indicate that the Creator appreciated our project, and we have accurately chosen the locations of action. We prepared posters and information for project partners in advance. The parish priest strengthened the message with his appeal, which effectiveness was visible in the substantial amount of visitors of the AURAEKO educational stall, and in the amount of the brought consumed electrical and electronic equipment, as well as consumed batteries and power packs.

It is worth to stop for a moment and take a look at things, which residents bring for collection of the consumed equipment. Well, beside traditionally brought consumed household devices, such as consumed: irons, toasters, hair curlers, radio sets, tape recorders and TV sets, more and more greater participation in collection has a consumed computer hardware. Consumed printers, monitors, keyboards, computers constitute more and more large percent of the generally collected amount of the consumed equipment. Since this tendency is more and more distinct, then it means, that this equipment is very perishable, as well as it means that the technological progress is very fast and the recently purchased equipment is replaced on a new one, with better technical parameters and highly more valued functionalities. It is not possible to resist a reflection, that technological progress in the produced electrical and electronic devices generates a huge amount of electrical and electronic waste, which comes from the replacement of equipment. It means a need for the permanent raise of the user awareness about the harmful effect of the consumed equipment on the environment and the man, as well as about popularizing the ecological attitude amongst the users.

We would like to thank Parish of St Józef in Pruszków, parish priest – Dariusz Boguszewski, and all residents of Pruszków, for partnership in achieving the established purposes.

We have collected almost 1 500 kg of the consumed equipment and over 50 kg of consumed batteries and power packs.