The closer the announcement of the results of the competition, the stronger the tension among the participants. That is what could be seen among the participants of the VI final of the competition. Nearly 200 people gathered in the Conference Room of the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, waiting for the results.

A tragic announcement

Meanwhile, almost at the outset, a tragic announcement was made:

“With deep regret we announce that Piotr Skawski (15 years old), pupil of the 2nd class of Gimnazjum No 1 in Kościerzyna – a participant of the competition, captain of the school team ++ WINEKO ++, died tragically a few days ago.

We share the pain with Piotr’s family, his peers, both at school and out of school, with the staff and employees of Gimnazjum No. 1 in Kościerzyna.”

Life carries with it many dangers. The holidays will soon begin and you will be in many new places. Be alert! Be careful!

Do not take unnecessary risks, appealed the President of AURAEKO, Gabriela Leszczyńska, in a faltering voice.

We, the organizers – she said – were deeply affetced by Piotr’s death, we are experiencing it now with you. Let us hope this will never happen again! Let us keep Piotr in our memory, happy, such as he was

Please rise, to commemorate Piotr Skawski with a moment of silence – a participant in our competition.

The room fell silent. All the participants had serious faces and were very still. The silence screamed!

Patrons, organizers and experts about the competition

The competition has been held for 6 years, and for the last 3 years it has been patronized by the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection, therefore Małgorzata Tomczak – head of the Department of Market Surveillance in the Chief Inspectorate of Environment Protection, said a few words to those assembled, expressing appreciation for the efforts of the young people and schools, and ensured all those present that the active attitude of the young people is widely recognized and supported by the Chief Inspectorate of Environment Protection. The promotion of ecological attitudes among young people, but also the society as a whole, should be seen as a chance to create decent living conditions for future generations.

Congratulations and appreciation for the young people and Guardians of School Teams was expressed by Joanna Stocka, a methodologist of education, author of competition materials. In her opinion, the works sent to the competition, as well as the results of the collection of discarded equipment, are getting better. This year’s works were on a very even level and hence, in many cases, the difference in the number of points given, which determined the position of the team, amounted to 1-2 points. So they were insignificant. In such cases, the results of the WEEE collection was decisive. In addition, in this year’s edition of the competition, the teachers’ engagement in the work of young people was much more visible than in the previous years. The level of work and the obtained results are very optimistic and gave us a lot of pleasure. Also, the long observed dependency, that the more support from the Guardian of the School Team, the greater the involvement of the young people and, as a consequence, better final results, ensuring a significant place in the final classification of the competition, was confirmed.

To become a finalist in our competition you need to work very hard, devote a lot of your free time, overcome many difficulties, but… the joy of victory, the pride of work done and valuable awards given in the presence of camera flashes, give a lot of satisfaction. This year, the competition drew 42 school teams from across Poland – said the President of AURAEKO – Gabriela Leszczyńska.

Here, in this room we have 26 teams, including 8 winners and one team awarded with an honorouble mention. The winners will be announced in the next part of the final.

The final of our competition has always been a Final Of Joy, where thunderous applause and cries of happy young people invariably dominated. I suggest that you maintain this open and hot atmosphere and explicitly show your contentment, appealed Gabriela Leszczyńska – President of AURAEKO.

For 6 years LG Electronics Mława has been the business patron of the competition, and supports the competition, but also applies to the requirements of environment protection, being a representative of the social responsibility of business for the environment. Aleksander Roszatycki – representing LG Electronics Mława outlined the ecological measures adopted by LG Electronics Mława.

Musically and together

It is customary for the competition that after the short presentations of patrons and organizers, the audience can delight in two treats. The first is musical, the second are the PRIZES and once again musical. The musical treat was prepared by Karol Lechowski – leader of the band PRO BLUES ORCHESTRA, and at the beginning he roused the audience with the old blues standard „I can’t be satisfied”. Then he performed a strong, but beautiful song in Polish, with a notable, although crude title “Take your hands off my girl”. After the song, emotions reached their peak and remained there for a long time.

The awards have been given

All members of the winning teams (1-8) received individual prizes (digital cameras, educational board games and puzzles, cotton shirts and USB donated by GIOŚ, as well as gifts from AURAEKO).

In addition, the jury awarded the following prizes for the winning schools:

– for the 1st place – LG TV set 50 inches PLAZMA 3D,

– for the 2nd place – LG TV set 42 inches LED FULL HD,

– for the 3rd place – LG TV set 32 inches LED FULL HD,

– for the 4th place – LG monitor 24 inches LED FULL HD.

1st place State School Complex (Zespół Szkół Publicznych) no 1 Lower-Secondary School (Gimnazjum) no 1 in Kościerzyna.

2nd place State School Complex (Zespół Szkół) in Staw.

3rd place Lower-Secondary State School (Publiczne Gimnazjum) no 4 in Siedlce.

4th place Kard. Stefan Wyszyński Lower-Secondary School (Gimnazjum) no 3 in Ełk.

5th place Primary School no 3 with integrated and sport classes from Augustów.

6th place Michał Kajka Primary School from Miłki.

7th place Comprehensive Secondary School Complex (Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących) no 8 with sport classes in Chełm.

8th place Lower-secondary school no 85 in the School Complex no 48 in Warsaw.

For the team that finished in 9th place (lower-secondary school No. 3 in the School Complex at ul. Grunwaldzka 9 in Łowicz, LG ELECTRONICS Mława (the patron of the competition), prepared a very attractive prize, namely the possibility to visit the LG Electronics plant in Mława with its state of the art technological lines.

Time to relax, musically and together

Some things just can’t be described, as they cannot be expressed with words. I would like to invite you to the photo gallery because that’s where you can see a little of what was going on. It is a shame that you can only see it and not hear anything. This may change next year, but for now, we are counting on the imagination of our readers, whereas the participants may reach into their memory and recreate what happened:

„Niedziela będzie dla nas”- a great hit by Niebiesko-Czarni from the 1960s and 70s.

„Ona lubi budyń” – Banaszak & The Best, great rock and roll,

Blueberry Hills, a blues ballad performed by the greatest performers of the world: Elvis Presly, Luis Amstrong, Pink Floyd and others.

Awards, recognition and good music stimulate appetite for more

Taste cannot be expressed with words, so I invite you to the photo gallery and I just want to add: who was not there… can only regret!

Red Fred