Children’s Day is a very joyful holiday, especially when youth is accompanied by ecology and logic. The Centre of Culture and Citizens’ Initiatives in Podkowa Leśna, along with AURAEKO have organised, as part of the picnic, a public educational campaign dedicated to the limitation of the negative impact of used electrical and electronic equipment, as well as used batteries and accumulators, on the environment. The final of the campaign was constituted by the collection of electronic waste.
Ecology along with logic complemented each other in the form of pictures arranged by children using vegetables and fruits, as part of the prettiest composition contest. While looking at the “eco-logical” creations of children one cannot miss the originality of the compositions and the ingenuity of using individual vegetables as the elements of the whole composition.

As usual, AURAEKO presented the participants with an educational part in the form of thematic games, leaflets and colouring pictures. The great mood of the picnic was spoilt by the rain, which thinned the audience out, however the BLUESMASZYNA band chased the rain away with their blues – rock & roll concert and the sun came back. The weather can really ruin any party, but this time it ruined just the part of it, because some of the adults and the children remained until the very end.

We have collected 1100 kg of electronic waste, which is quite a result considering the weather and its moods. We invite you to watch the photo gallery of the picnic.