The final of environmental education project carried out in pre-primary schools in Pruszków took place on 3 June 2017 in Pruszków. More than 1700 children took part in the project. If we consider the kindergarten teaching staff and parents who made it possible with their support for virtually every educational project in this age group to succeed, then this number could be three times higher, easily.

The project focused on threats posed by waste batteries and accumulators as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to the environment and human health. Particular focus was placed on the toxicity of waste batteries and equipment.

The project’s main subjects were as follows:

1. The relationship between people and the environment.

2. Why are waste batteries always perceived as a dangerous waste material?

3. What is ‘waste electrical and electronic equipment’ (WEEE) and why can it be considered a dangerous waste material?

4. What are the types of threats posed by electronic and electrical waste?

5. In what way can we minimise the negative impact of WEEE and used batteries on the environment and human health?

6. How do you know that a waste equipment constitutes electronic or electrical waste?

7. What happens to waste batteries and WEEE collected during collection events and to those which don't make it to the collection events?

Children and parents acquired their knowledge from:

1. Information on the project’s assumptions for the Partners – for every parent and teacher.

2. Flier – how to deal with waste batteries – for every parent and teacher.

3. Flier on used WEEE – for every parent and teacher.

4. AURAEKO websites: and

5. Posters associated with the project.

As part of the project, educational classes took place in the forms intended for children. Moreover, there was a competition in which all pre-primary schools taking part in the project competed against each other to collect the highest number of waste batteries per one pre-primary school pupil.

The results and outcomes of the project were announced during the yesterday’s final:


2. The winner of the competition for collecting the highest amount of waste batteries is City Pre-Primary School no. 14. With a total of 2.07 kg/ participant, the pre-primary school won the 1st prize – Laptop HP 15-ay044nw 15.6″ Intel Core i3-5005U – 8GB RAM – 1TB Disc – Win10.

3. City Pre-Primary School no. 5 took second place, with 1.77 kg/ participant, and won the 2nd prize – SONY Cyber-shot H300 camera, a soap bubble machine, a doll trolley, and a balloon pump.

4. Pre-Primary School no. 15 took third place and won two Sony ZS-RS60BT radio players (CD, mp3, wma, bluetooth).
The three awards were funded by AURAEKO.

5. The awards for pre-primary schools who took places from 4 to 7 were funded by the President of the City of Pruszków.

We would like to acknowledge all parents, the teaching staff, and the directors of pre-primary schools in Pruszków as well as the President of the City of Pruszków. We have found a valuable ally in the Education and Environmental Protection Departments of the Municipal Council.