The official part of the Final.

National Ecological Competition “DOBRE RADY NA ELEKTROODPADY- ODDAJ MNIE W DOBRE RECE 2017”, on 9 June 2017 had its 9th final in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. For years, the competition has taken place under the auspices of Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection, and the organiser is AURAEKO. Since the very beginning of the competition its business patron is LG Electronics Mława. School teams of students are the participants of the competition, supported by a teacher from lower secondary schools and senior years of primary schools from all over Poland. There is no doubt that next year, as a result of the reform of Polish educational system, only students from primary schools will be able to take part in the competition. So far, in the competition and the final we have students from both primary and lower secondary schools.

31 school teams from 31 facilities across the country took part in the competition. 24 teams qualified for the final which, after performing tasks within the competition from the scope of counteracting the negative influence of waste electric and electronic equipment and waste batteries and accumulators on human and environment, were assessed by the Competition Committee. The list of the awarded is exceptionally long, which is why we present only the first 8 finalists below. Here is the list:

1 st Place Rev. Bernard Sychta Lower Secondary School No. 1 in Kościerzyna.
2 nd Place Krechowce Uhlan Regiment Lower Secondary School with Integrated Classes No. 3 in Augustów.
3 rd Place Ignacy Jan Paderewski Lower Secondary School No. 10 in Gliwice.
4 th Place Kazimierz Janczykowski Secondary School Complex no. 6 in Chełm.
5 th Place John Paul II Lower Secondary School No. 1 in Sochaczew.
6 th Place Józef Wybicki Primary School No. 5 in Mińsk Mazowiecki.
7 th Place General Józef Zachariasz Bem Primary School no. 34 in Białystok.
8 th Place Janusz Kusociński Public Lower Secondary School no. 2 in Czechowice-Dziedzice.

The Competition Committee granted the following prizes for:

– 1st place – LG TV set 49UH850V
– 2nd place – LG TV set 49UH610V
– 3rd place – LG TV set 43UH610V
– 4th place – LG TV set 43LH590V

Moreover, all members of the teams that won 1–8 place received individual prizes (e-book readers, tablets) and gifts from the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection and AURAEKO.

The team that placed 9 th , i.e. Danuta Siedzikówna “Inka” Public Lower Secondary School No. 3 in Ostrołęka, received a very attractive Special Award from LG Mława (the patron of the competition): the opportunity to visit the LG Electronics plant in Mława and see its cutting-edge production lines in action. The participants of previous editions of the competition who had an opportunity to visit LG Mława have spoken very highly of this experience. In their opinion, the visit to the LG plant was extremely interesting. Apart from visiting the plant, LG funds dinner and small gifts for participants.

The costs of travel to the LG Electronics plant in Mława are covered by AURAEKO.

All teams participating in the 9th Final of the National Competition: “Dobre Rady na Elektroodpady – ODDAJ MNIE w DOBRE RĘCE 2017” received commemorative diplomas and t-shirts with the project logo and gadgets from AURAEKO.

Unofficial part: singing, revel, frolic

Oh, you should see what happened when the band heated up the atmosphere with wonderful music. No one could make their feet behave…, hands fell into a trance…, hair blew about, smiles widened and eyes were more open. You could see that somewhere between torsos and knees of many finalists occurred some moves or reflexes difficult to identify. It was something between readiness to dance and its beginning. Unfortunately, words are not as vivid as an image, therefore, we invite you to the photo gallery from the final below this article, and a short but a very dynamic multimedia presentation that you can find in the link below.