After two pilot projects, another recurring ecological project was organised this year, prepared by AURAEKO in pre-primary schools in Pruszków: “Pruszków Free from Electronic and Electrical Waste 2018”. More than 1,700 children from 14 city pre-primary schools in Pruszków participated in this year’s project. The project focused on threats posed by waste batteries and accumulators as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to the environment and human health.

As part of the project, interesting educational classes took place. Moreover, there was a competition in which all pre-primary schools taking part in the project competed against each other to collect the highest number of waste batteries per one preschooler. On 10 June 2018, during the Preschoolers’ Festival in Pruszków, the competition results were announced:

The winner was City Pre-Primary School no. 12, with 2.83 kg of used batteries per participant, and won I prize – 5 Blaupunkt audio systems MS12BT + up to 180 puzzle sets. Total value of the prize is approx. PLN 1,500 net. AURAEKO is the sponsor of the prize.

City Pre-Primary School no. 6 took second place, with 2.50 kg of used batteries per participant, and won 2nd prize – mobile audio system 350 Watts, playing audio from USB discs and SD cards. The mobile audio system can be powered by a battery and is equipped with 2 wireless microphones and a pilot. Puzzle sets are additional part of the prize. Total value of the prize is approx. PLN 1,000 net. AURAEKO is the sponsor of the prize.

City Pre-Primary School no. 2 took third place, with 2.15 kg of used batteries per participant, and won 3rd prize – high quality audio system: PANASONIC SC- AKX 200 E SA- AKX200E + SB – AKX200E, value PLN 700 net. AURAEKO is the sponsor of the prize.

Pre-primary schools with the results decreasing from 2.05 to 0.45 kg of used batteries per participant took the next places and won variety of prizes, useful in learning and play in pre-primary school. The President of the City of Pruszków funded the prizes for that group.

Congratulation to the winners of the competition. However, it is worth noting that the competition was only one element of the project. All children participating in the AURAEKO education project gain knowledge and skill which will be useful for the years to come. This was the underlying objective of the project.

The project should also be looked at from a wider perspective; 1,700 children in pre-primary school age participated in a deliberate ecological action supported by parents, members of families, pre-primary school staff, local government authorities and AURAEKO. The results of the project are the knowledge and experience gained by the children and the approval of the adults which is important for children.

It should be stressed that the children with the help of their parents and pre-primary school education teachers, under the project, collected 2,025.5 kg of used batteries in total, that is more than two tonnes. It is worth to emphasise that the provided results of the competition were achieved regardless of the on-going collection of batteries in Pruszków, also organised by AURAEKO.

Please visit a gallery presenting: how the children learn during the project, how they played during the summary of the project at the Preschoolers’ Festival, how the prizes for the results in the project were awarded…”.