After two pilot editions, as of 2018 this project will carried out at Pruszków preschools on a yearly basis. More than 1,700 children have participated in the project together with the staff of Pruszków preschools. However, the number of participants should be increased to account for at least two parents of each child, without the acceptance and help of which the impact of the project would have been very limited. Good job, dear Parents! The project started on 1 March and ends on 20 May 2018. It will be concluded at the annual Preschool Children’s Festival to be held on 10 June 2018.

Activities under the project

After a meeting with the head teachers, all of the 14 Pruszków preschools participating in the project received an email containing a “Brief description of the project”, “Information for parents” and the “Rules of the battery collection competition”. Moreover, the educational activities constituting part of the project are currently being carried out at all 14 preschools with the use of educational materials prepared and provided by AURAEKO.

Teachers acquire their knowledge in the described scope from:

Teacher’s book – one for each teacher in charge of the educational activities

  1. Flyer on used batteries – one for each teacher
  2. Flyer on used WEEE – 1,700 pcs
  3. AURAEKO websites: with educational games for children, as well as the following websites:;

Children and parents acquire their knowledge from:

Information for project partners – for each parent – 1,700 pcs

  1.   Flyer on used batteries – for each child and parent – 1,700 pcs
  2.   Flier on used WEEE – for each parent – 1,700 pcs
  3.   AURAEKO website:

The materials described above (1–3) constitute the so-called “PRESCHOOL CHILD’S INFORMATION PACKAGE” which the children received at their preschools and gave to their parents to illustrate the assumptions of the project in which their children are participating, as well as to invite the parents to become involved in the project. Moreover, AURAEKO has provided special containers for used batteries and eco-friendly shopping bags to all preschools participating in the project.

The education process currently carried out by teaching staff is aimed at developing specific future eco-friendly attitudes and assuming a socially-expected attitude for the duration of the project, expressed in the highest possible number of used batteries collected of with the help of parents. The educational activities are going according to the plan, as is the collection of used batteries, as confirmed during the monitoring of the project, which was completed on 29 March. If you would like to read more about the course of the activities carried out at preschools, please visit the gallery of photos taken during the monitoring.