On 5 October we joined students from the Hugo Kołłątaj XXI Senior High School in Warsaw at their annual fourth edition of the student picnic called “PIKNIKOŁŁEK”. The weather was fantastic as can be seen in the photos. That was an affluent event if a 20-strong youth big-band from Warka called “MODERATO” played world famous musical themes at a European level. Apart from the big-band, the students performed: they sang, played, made presentations, amplified, solo and in duos as well as in teams. There were lots of tables placed on the playground, each with curiosities and marvels and a lottery where everybody won. So it was stereo, in the colour of the sun, with smiling faces and the air of pea soup. In order to prevent any fire that could be generated from the strong emotions, a fire engine from the Main School of Fire Service was on the spot.

Attention was also paid to ecology since the students actively participated in educational activities prepared by AURAEKO. The final included a WEEE and used battery collection.

All in all we collected over 2 tons of used equipment and batteries. Among the collected equipment, we liked most the robot that can be seen in the photos. It is a pity it can no longer be used. The educational stand of AURAEKO and AURAEKO OPAKOWANIA always has lots of fans. Apart from WEEE leaflets, colour books were very popular. As you can see in the photos, colour pencils are always appreciated. Only those who stayed till the end saw the wonders made with them.

We congratulate the students, we congratulate the Teachers, we congratulate the Management.