The 31 May 2014 in Podkowa Leśna, was the final day of the educational project: „God created the world clean, so now it should also be clean, “which was jointly implemented by the AURAEKO and the Św. Krzysztof Roman Catholic Church in Podkowa Leśna. An invitation to take part in the project, made by the pastor, priest Wojciech Osiała, supported by posters and information for partners in the form of leaflets, encouraged the residents of Podkowa to participate in the educational activities and the collection of WEEE held in the parking lot at ul. Kościelna.

Adult residents of Podkowa Leśna, together with the young people of the town, visited the educational stand of AURAEKO, where they were given leaflets about the dangers to the environment created by discadred electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. In exchange for dsicarded equipment, AURAEKO gave out seedlings of flowers and cute and eco-friendly shopping bags .

We collected 1 300 kg of WEEE and discarded batteries. Good weather, which we enjoyed on that day, meant that we were visited by some special guests, which can be seen in the photographs. A family of hairs and a proud peacock monitored the collection and educational activities, creating a unique scenery.  Św. Krzysztof Church in Podkowa Leśna is situated in a garden full of wonderful flowers and hedges, impossible to count. All this contributes to the charm of the place and a sense of pride for the residents of Podkowa Leśna. It seems very likely that other projects of AURAEKO will be carried out in Podkowa Leśna.