Another AURAEKO project, implemented in cooperation with the Municipal Office in Pruszków, was performed on 7 June in Pruszków, on the premises of “Żwirowisko” park. The basic project objectives included promotion of eco-friendly approach of the inhabitants of Pruszków towards the hazard to the environment and human health caused by waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), waste batteries and accumulators and packaging waste. Thus, the project’s impact on the inhabitants of the town consisted in a significant reduction in the quantity of waste equipment, waste batteries and packaging waste in municipal waste.

Beautiful weather offered great conditions for organisation of AURAEKO educational stand and for the educational offer directed to inhabitants. Our stand enjoyed a great popularity amongst children. Colouring sheets with images of electrical and electronic equipment for colouring are what aroused a great interest until late evening. Leaflets with advice on disposal of WEEE, waste batteries and packaging waste were equally popular. Both the location of the stand and the offer perfectly supplemented the schedule of the event held by the Municipal Office in Pruszków. AURAEKO has performed many educational projects with the Office, and there are even more to be held soon.

A significant part of the event was the “Festival of Preschoolers”, prepared by children attending the kindergarten in Pruszków. Children were present everywhere – on stage, as the audience and in every other place of the event. It was the dominant age of the participants of the event held in “Żwirowisko”. Parents, who always accompany their kids, cheered to encourage their children to play. The photos contained in the gallery below present events that have turned history now.

AURAEKO took part in the event organised by the Municipal Office as a partner whose project served as a contribution to the organisation of the event. Apart from the educational stand, AURAEKO’s participation included a sponsored concert of BLUESMASZYNA band, which took place in the evening. The sounds of nice music that lightened the atmosphere and colourful lights supplemented the project performed by AURAEKO and the successful event organised by the Municipal Office.

Further cooperation between the local authorities of Pruszków and AURAEKO in the scope of reduction of hazards to human health and the environment caused by waste from electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and packaging waste will bring about further positive effects, which we wish both to the inhabitants and authorities of Pruszków.