AURAEKO’s meetings with the young people during their school holiday called PIKNIKOŁŁEK have become a tradition. Irrespective of the weather, what is quite unbelievable, PIKNIKOŁŁEK – an annual, ecological event attended by the school’s community is always a great fun. The teenagers were traditionally supported by: the school’s management and the teaching staff, Warszawa Ochota District, AURAEKO and other entities.

Despite the morning rain all the planned activities took place basically without any difficulties. The young people came, either equipped with umbrellas or hiding under the hoods, to bring waste electrical devices, batteries and accumulators. They brought many small waste devices in plastic bags, such as: hairdryers, radios, computer discs and many others.

The participation in collection was the next step after classes attended by the teenagers devoted to management of waste devices at school. It seemed that everybody brought only little electronic waste. Nobody hauled heavy bags, but yet in accordance with the proverb ‘A penny saved is a penny gained’, the harvest was bountiful.

On 26th September 2015 in 21st Kołłątaj Secondary School in Warsaw we gathered 2 530 kg of waste devices and 120 kg of batteries.

It’s a very good result. It wouldn’t have been achieved without hard work of the teaching staff and the management of the 21st Secondary School as everything was organized within the framework of contests which included all of the school’s students and their relatives. Applause for the students! Applause for the teachers. An individual contest testing knowledge on WEEE (quiz on kahoot platform) was won by Patryk Kępisty from the second grade class ‘a’ who scored 13 359 points. The second prize went to Wiktoria Świergiel who got 10 189 points and the third prize to Aleksandra Loze, who scored 9 908 points. Congratulations!

The competition for gathering the greatest mass of the waste devices, in which all the school’s classes took part, was won by the second grade class ‘c’, which managed to collect 680 kg of electrical waste. Małgorzata Sieńkowska from second grade class ‘c’ received Special Mention for number and mass of the collected WEEE. The prize –a one-term course in German in the language school Deutsche Schule.

Moreover, one more competition was conducted. Its title was ‘100% attendance at PIKNIKOŁŁEK’. The prize – 1 free day for an extra-curricular trip went to first grade class ‘f’. Congratulations!

Apart from the results, this year’s edition of the ecological PIKNIKOŁEK, which may be treated as a model event, what caught everybody’s attention was involvement of the teenagers in competitions, but also in every other activities conducted during 6th PIKNIKOŁEK 2015. One must mention a stand with visual chemistry where the students carried out interesting experiments. Or a stand with cookies and smiling girls and next to them  boys and girls in uniforms with weapon in their hands or, in the worst case, with weapon on the table. The unforgettable pea soup was yet another attraction of the 6th PIKNIKOŁEK2015. There were many more activities-presentations, what is shown perfectly at the photos. The students of 21st Kołłątaj Secondary School in Warsaw proved that they are able to achieve the adopted goals in any conditions, what was only expected.