On 14 June 2013, at the Copernicus Science Centre (CSC) the Fifth Final of the National Ecological Contest “GGOD ADVICE FOR ELECTRICAL WASTE – 2013” was held under the patronage of the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection (GIOŚ). The green shirts donated by AURAEKO to each participant made the CSC premises look really green.
From the very beginning, the final of the contest has been accompanied by the green colour, youth and joy which can be seen in the photos placed in the gallery below the article.

During the contest, the temperature of the event was growing every minute and the tension related to the announcement of the results and handing over the prizes.  The final ceremony was attended by the following persons:
1. Ms. Izabela Szadura – Director of the Department of Market Control in the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.
2. Ms. Małgorzata Tomczak – Head of Section of Market Control in the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.
3. Ms. Joanna Stocka – Director of XXI Hugo Kołłątaj Secondary School in Warsaw, methodologist, author of the tasks in the contest.

The final event was also attended by representatives of the business patron of the contest – LG Electronics Mława: Messrs. Arkadiusz Tomkiel and Aleksander Roszatycki, and a representative of NESTLE Polska S.A. – Ms. Katarzyna Granat.

Words of appreciation and gratitude were addressed at the school students and their teachers as well as words of encouragement to continue raising ecological awareness and propagate pro-ecological attitudes in their respective environments.  A rock& roll notes were played by BLUESMASZYNA, the ensemble that was providing music coverage to the final ceremony; finally – the culminating point – announcement of the results of handing over the prizes.

Ms. Gabriela Leszczyńska, President of the AURAEKO Group announced the results of the contest.

The submitted works were assessed by the Contest Commission applying the following criteria:
1. Presentation by the team.
2. Diagnosis of the existing situation.
3. Organisation of collection.
4. School gazette.
5. Preparation of posters and announcements.
6. Collaboration with media.
7. Direct promotion.
8. Summary of the actions:  making a report along with the underlying documentation.
9. The mass of collected used electrical and electronic equipment.

As a result of the assessment of the submitted works in compliance with the above criteria, the classification was as follows:
First place  Local School Complex Junior High School No. 3 with Integration Classes in Augustów.
Second place   Junior High School No. 1 in Sochaczew.
Third place  School Complex at ul. Grunwaldzka 9, Junior High School No. 3 in Łowicz
Fourth place Local School Complex Primary School No. 3 in Augustów.
Fifth place  Junior High School No. 9 with Bilingual Classes in Rzeszów.
Sixth place   Junior High School No. 85 in the School Complex No. 48 in Warsaw.
Seventh place  Public Junior High School No. 5 in Siedlce.
Eighth place  Junior High School No. 2 in Włocławek.

All members of the winning team (places 1- 8) were awarded individual prizes (digital cameras, sweets founded by NESTLE POLSKA SA, educational games and jigsaw puzzles founded by GIOŚ as well as small gifts from AURAEKO). Additionally, the Contest Commission awarded the following prizes to the winning schools:
– for the first place – LG TV set PLASMA Smart TV 42PM4700
– for the second place – LG TV set LED FULL HD 32LS5600
– for the third place – computer monitor LG 27’’ LED IPS277L-BN
– for the fourth place – computer monitor LG 23’’ LED IPS237L-BN.

The team that won the tenth position (Primary School No. 34 in Białystok), LG ELECTRONICS in Mława (patron of the contest) awarded a very attractive prize which is a visit to the LG Electronics plant in Mława with its modern technological lines.

The Fifth V Final of the National Contest” “Good Advice for Electrical Waste” at CSC was attended by 17 teams. All the participants were given commemorating diplomas, t-shirts with the project logo, sweets from NESTLE as well as educational jigsaw puzzles founded by GIOŚ and free entry tickets to the Copernicus Science Centre.

There was a lot of joy manifested in jumps, clapping hands like volleyball players do and screams.  The young ones were celebrating the victory.  This is what the contest was about. The facts that it was necessary to collect jointly 32 tons of electrical waste and meet the demanding requirements of the contest were forgotten by the young ones. A short dynamic concert by BLUESMASZYNA closed the firth final. That was followed by a good lunch sponsored by AURAEKO and a new experience related to the visit to the Copernicus Science Centre.

Most probably, the participation in the fifth final of the contest and the visit to Warsaw will be long remembered by the teenagers coming from towns distant from Warsaw. They are sure to tell their friends and relatives of their experience.  And they have a lot to tell.