All educational activities realized in the previous years under subsequent “PIKNIKOŁŁEK” projects were addressed at the upper senior high school youth of Ochota district, the Kołłątaj community and junior high school youth. Since last year the number of junior high school children and children from primary schools has significantly increased, which was especially visible in this year’s final stage of the project.

It is a very important change, extending the target group of the project, and thus enhancing is environmental impact. Junior high school youth and children from primary schools will surely take back home and to their peer environment the knowledge, the flyers and the impressions from PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2016. Therefore it can be assumed that the target group has been extended or supplemented by junior high school youth and children from Warsaw primary schools.

Objectives of the project

PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2016 that took place this year focused on the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. The formation of socially desirable pro-ecological attitudes among Warsaw senior high school youth in the scope of threats posed by waste batteries and accumulators as well as waste electric and electronic equipment.
  2. The dissemination of knowledge in the area of correct handling of waste electric and electronic equipment as well as waste batteries and accumulators among the participants of the youth picnic.
  3. The integration of senior high school youth with the peer environment and educational environment of junior high schools and primary schools of Ochota district.
  4. The reduction of quantity of waste equipment and batteries on municipal landfills.By osiągnąć założone cele prowadzone były następujące działania:

The following activities had been conducted with the view to achievement of the assumed goals:

  1. Information activities concerning the project in the form of development and distribution of:
    • flyers, posters, information on the project directed at children, youth and adults in the environment of the XXI senior high school and Ochota District (2×700 flyers and 50 posters),
    • AURAEKO educational stand (information, guidelines, advice and colouring books for the youngest participants).
  2. Classes concerning:
    • WEEE and used batteries and accumulators.
    • the characteristics of threats and the methods of reducing threats related to the waste equipment,
    • the presentation of educational activity of AURAEKO as well as advice for the users of electric and electronic equipment.
  3. Sports activities on new sports fields in co-operation with the Commune Office of Ochota District:
    • the opening match between the students and the graduates,
    • sports competitions organized by Siatka Blok
    • recreational activities organized by Siatka Blok and AURAEKO
  4. The competition concerning waste electric and electronic equipment for all participants of PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2016.
  5. The collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, as well as waste accumulators and batteries.

It must be admitted that during PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2016 that took place this year we could enjoy great weather, and if the day of the final is sunny and warm, everything looks much better. The final took place in two locations: in the senior high school gymnasium, which hosted the didactic classes and the presentation by Gabriela Leszczyńska, the President of the Board of AURAEKO, as well as the school sports field, where AURAEKO educational stand was located, as well as many sports attractions, which are much better visible in the pictures included in the gallery, so there is no need to describe them.

The collection of used equipment resulted in a significant yield of approx. 3 tons.
We should also congratulate Ph.D. Joanna Stocka, the Headmaster of the Hugon Kołłątaj XXI Senior High School, the youth from senior high school, junior high school and primary schools. It was good work, for which we would like to give our thanks.

We invite you to visit the gallery, where you can experience: youth, dynamism, the joy from the co-creation of the event and the feel of a nice September day.