Educational program for children at pre-school and early primary-school age, edition 2015.

Educational program entitled „We will overcome threats with games and work…” is a project from the series: „Shaping pro-ecological attitudes of children at pre-school and early primary-school age concerning threats to the environments posed by waste electronic and electric equipment, waste batteries and accumulators”. Edition 2015.

That project was developed and conducted within the framework of public educational campaigns subject to Art. 58a, sections 1 and 2 of the Act of 29th July 2005 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (as amended) and subject to Art. 37 section 1 of the Act of 24th April 2009 on Batteries and Accumulators (as amended).

The project was directly addressed to pre-school age children and pupils attending I-IV grades of primary schools. However, the project could not become effective and the goals could not be reached without involvement of the whole school and pre-school communities, families of children and pupils, as well as staff working in schools and kindergartens.

1. Project’s goals
The primary educational goal of the project was to form and popularize pro-ecological attitudes of children at pre-school and early primary-school age concerning appropriate treatment of refuse in the form of waste batteries and waste electronic and electric equipment.

2. Actions performed within the framework of the project
The project provided for activities and forms of activity selected specially by teachers in order to accomplish the educational objectives of the program.

3. Project’s duration
The project was conducted for 9 months and its performance was divided into 2 stages. The first stage covered the period from 15th February 2014 to 14th June 2015. The second stage covered the period from 15th June 2015 until 15th November 2015.

4. Results and achievements
120 participants from 6 groups from different educational institutions from Łódź Province took part in the discussed educational project. The actions undertaken as a part of the project resulted in creation of numerous competition works concerning WEEE, waste batteries and accumulators. Anonymous opinion polls filled by adults allowed us to get acquainted with opinions of parents and other adults on management of waste equipment and waste batteries. On the basis of the obtained opinions of the adults, also those whose contact with the project was only superficial, we may form two theses: adults, who have become familiar with the activities of the project and works created by children (drawings, costumes, constructions), and who were aware of the publicly available data on the project, express their approval for the project’s activities and highlight the benefits for the children brought by the project. In this manner the positive opinion of adults concerning the program increased children’s motivation to participate in the activities. That relation translates into greater activity of the children and their self-reliance. Another result of the project is also considerable increase of knowledge about the natural environment and ways in which threats posed by the waste equipment and batteries can be limited.

The project did not intend to estimate the increase of knowledge and changes in awareness but we may use the results of the collection of waste equipment and waste batteries as a synthetic indicator of benefits of the project.

Thanks to the collections of the waste equipment and waste batteries and accumulators conducted during the project we managed to collect:
– 3 405 kg of WEEE,
– 216 kg of waste batteries,
– 40 kg of waste fluorescent lamps (brought by adults)